•   London | 333 Old Street
    London | 333 Old Street

Where we go, big brands follow

When we invented the Giant Poster in 1992, outdoor advertising generally meant billboards. But that was too small for us. From the very start, we were thinking bigger - in every way. We not only established a new industry format, but we continue to be the driving force behind it. We enrich the outdoor advertising world with a wealth of innovations, delivering high quality, eye-catching products. We offer state of the art when it comes to Giant Posters and provide what really matters to advertisers. With large-format outdoor advertising spaces from 100 to 17,300 square metres, we reach target groups with impressive, attention-grabbing and far-reaching images.

We are constantly developing and putting into practice original, innovative concepts for Europe's cities, expanding our network - Europe's biggest - of top-notch advertising locations. This means we not only keep up with the latest trends, we also set the pace for others to follow - again and again. What's in it for you? Look at us as your expert partner in the diverse world of the Giant Poster. For our advertising clients, city partners, and real estate developers, we offer outstanding service, professionalism, quality and security - all the characteristics of a global, out-of-home media company and leading supplier. As a Ströer Group company, big brands are always welcome - big ambitions too.