Case Study | Montblanc Timewalker 28.04.2015

Set buying impulses at the point of sale

Amsterdam | La Grandeur | 03/2015 

Objective: Create awareness and drive traffic towards the boutique located nearby in the PC Hoofstraat by using the first ever Montblanc brand ambassador Hugh Jackman.

Execution: Amsterdam's landmark location "La Grandeur" on the Park Hotel, located in the heart of the premium fashion center, created a powerful impression targeting active audiences out & about and in the mood to spend.

Result: Not only was there an increase in traffic towards the store, but demand and enquiries for the advertised watch rose significantly. Furthermore, the premium Giant Poster achieved a wide reach within the aspirational Montblanc audience.

Quote: "We did not only notice an increase in traffic towards our boutique but also enquiries for the watch we advertised were 5 times higher when compared to normal days." Yves Neron-Bancel, Marketing Manager, Montblanc