Own City Gateway Landscape 04.05.2016

The largest single elevation advertising opportunity in the city of London

Located within the iconic City of London's 'Square Mile' this Giant Poster stands out at an impressive 640m² and delivers impactful messages to a diverse and influential audience.

City Gateway is the gateway to the City of London, one of the world's financial centres and a popular office location for leading international corporates. This unique location gives you the chance to talk directly to a hard to reach audience, comprised of many HNWI and high income earners.

This audience is financially comfortable, online at home and use their smart phones to shop, keep in touch, manage life and stream TV, films and music. They have a strong spending power and like premium products. Outside work they are active, enjoy sports, cultural activities, current affairs and socialising.

To find out more please contact Tom Dewitte on +31 (0) 20 67 64 164 or dewitte@blowup-media.nl