Rituals make spectacular Giant Poster debut 27.01.2015

11 site pan-European campaign on blowUP media network

Rituals, the cosmetics and beauty multi-national, made its debut on Giant Posters with a massive pan-European Christmas campaign on 11 sites across the blowUP media European network.

In total the four-week campaign covered 1800m², making it one of the largest Giant Poster campaigns ever run in Europe. The campaign was also the largest ever OOH promotion by Rituals. The posters ran in Berlin, Hamburg, Cologne, Brussels, Ghent, Rotterdam, Utrecht, Knokke, Antwerp, Barcelona and Madrid, with the largest 421m² in size.

Rituals selected the blowUP media network because the locations are all close to relevant stores, so enabling Rituals to send consumers powerful messages when they were out shopping, and also because of blowUP media's unique ability to run large, highest quality pan-European campaigns.

blowUP media CEO Katrin Robertson comments: "Rituals placed great trust in our network to cut through the Christmas clutter and produce the impact and results required."

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