Bonner Münster - Münsterplatz


Average daily footfall

211 m2

18.55m x 11.35m



Top-class branding – this Giant Poster offers perfect visibility on the Bonn Minster, a significant part of Bonn’s identity and a unique city sight. Bonn is a prosperous yet young city, where around 12 % of the residents are students. Surrounded by shopping districts and shopping arcades, Münsterplatz is the heart of Bonn’s old town and attracts a young public who have plenty of purchasing power. Anyone who goes shopping or goes for a stroll through the city centre will undoubtedly pass by this location, as Bonn city has the largest contiguous pedestrian zone in Germany – and the Münsterplatz is one of the main points connecting those pedestrian streets. The immediate vicinity features countless shops for clothing, exclusive luxury goods, outdoor and sports equipment, jewellery and the beloved HARIBO shop along with an array of restaurants and cafés where people can go to see and be seen. Enthusiastic entrepreneurs and the local startup scene work and network in the “The 9th” coworking space, which is within walking distance.