Spitalfields Market


Average daily footfall

53 m2

8.40m x 6.30m

E1 6DW


For over 350 years, Spitalfields Market has been one of the busiest spots in London. Located on the edge of the City of London, Spitalfields has been transformed from a traditional market to a popular hub of fashion, arts and crafts, and a great destination for street food. Only a stone’s throw from Liverpool Street Station, the market is extremely popular with city workers during the week and just as popular with Shoreditch dwellers at the weekend. Spitalfields has retained its vintage Victorian charm whilst also modernising to create a premium atmosphere. The unique combination of high-end fashion shops and food stalls within the market make it an obvious choice for brands looking to reach a variety of audiences in one spot. The double-sided panel means this banner will be clearly visible in both directions.