Szene Flingern - Dorotheenstraße


Average daily footfall

126 m2

14.00m x 9.00m



This impressive Giant Poster wraps around a corner where the highly frequented Dorotheenstraße meets Fortunastraße, right in the heart of Düsseldorf’s sought-after Flingern-Nord district. The hipster hangout of Flingern, home to Fortuna Düsseldorf, has become a lively and diverse shopping, residential and cultural quarter. The shopping street of Birkenstraße covers daily needs, while the area around Hoffeldstraße, Flurstraße and Hermannplatz attracts a young, creative and trend-conscious crowd with its gastronomy scene, fresh designer fashion shops and art galleries. The Giant Poster is located right next to traffic magnets such as two public transport stops that guarantee long viewing times and a large Bauhaus branch that attracts a lot of DIY fans.