Vockestraße 2-6


Average daily footfall

227 m2

28.34m x 8.00m



This impressive corner-wrapping Giant Poster is situated in the popular Munich suburb of Haar and is unmissable across the entire intersection of the four-lane Wasserburgerstrasse. With a long visibility across the highly frequented B304, it accompanies commuters and city shoppers on their way to Munich city centre and it is also an absolute eye-catcher from Grasbrunner Straße in the direction of Ascheim. Between city flair and green idyll - Haar is considered a lively and sought-after residential area with a particularly high quality of life due to its connection to Munich and the large number of green spaces and parks. Here you will meet a diverse target group who appreciate Haar's unique charm, livable lifestyle and proximity to the vibrant city of Munich.