Reach your audience

Cut through the noise

With the largest presence in outdoor advertising, blowUP media are the market leaders on the streets of the major European cities. We can advise which sites will most effectively target your specific audience, and what excites and inspires them. We acquire our Giant Poster and digital locations in successful locations and cover a variety of audiences with our unique portfolio. Whether it be urban districts, shopping hubs or business centres – we will find the perfect locations for your campaign.


Today’s decision-makers

This audience knows exactly what they want. In the vicinity of offices, hotels, trade fairs and large companies, you can reach self-confident business people and ambitious startup employees who are characterized by their purchasing power and willingness to make decisions. They are opinion leaders, pioneers and have a high affinity for brands.


Shopaholics who conquer the high streets and malls willing to spend money

They love fashion and well-known brands. Right at the point of sale they are in the shopping mood and particularly open to buying impulses. Your brand will accompany them throughout the entire buying process and have a decisive influence on the purchase decision.


Meet the trendsetters

Predominately a young audience, these independent individuals enjoy the big city lavish lifestyle. From students and startup founders to hipsters, bloggers and bohemians – meet the urban and creative scene. They are trendsetters, early adopters and always up to date in the fields of fashion, music, art and technology and spend their time in trendy cafés and edgy bars.


Meet the party crowd

When the bars and clubs open their doors, you will meet a target group that is open-minded, fun-loving and particularly keen to spend. The young nightlife scene projects a vibrant and modern lifestyle. They are sociable, and enjoy trying the newest restaurants and bars of the area.


Active and highly motivated

Active in sports and fitness-oriented, this audience considers sport as more than just a hobby, but as a lifestyle. Focusing on both mind and body positivity, this audience is always on the lookout for new impulses, and approach your campaign with an open mindset and full of positive energy.


First mover and key influencer

You can reach the smart first movers and trendsetters in the vicinity of educational establishments, universities and schools. This audience is young, keen to consume and open to new, inspiring products. Here, leisure and career are equally in focus. The digital experts are extremely tech-savvy and are important influencers for brands. They decide "what's hot" and "what's not".


Meet the commuters

During the week they commute to the offices, and during the weekend they conquer the shopping streets of the cities. On the main roads and highways heading towards the inner cities, you will reach an educated and lively audience. On the go in their cars, on their daily commute to work or in the city, they are in a kind of in a "flow" – a perfect situation for your advertising messages.


Looking for inspiration

The world is their oyster! On their travels, they walk the streets with their eyes open and explore. Disconnected from normal life, they are particularly attentive to new surroundings, messages and impulses.


The luxury lover

With passions for premium brands and exclusive restaurants, the “high-end shoppers” love status symbol. This affluent audience attach great importance to quality, and live a modern and comfortable lifestyle. They are stylish, sophisticated, educated.


Diverse and on the move

Urban and lively residential areas are home to a broad and attractive group of all ages, levels of education and lifestyles. Students, young families, hip millennials or well-off business people – they stroll through residential areas, visit small cafes and discover idyllic, inner-city green spaces.