Premium outdoor advertising

We build big brands – with passion, experience
and guaranteed WOW effect.



We give your campaign the attention and impact it deserves!

Be spectacular and undeniably visible on Giant Posters, or innovative and flexibly-creative on our high-resolution digital screens. We offer your brand the unique opportunity to capture your target group with unshared space. Due to their unique size, our impactful Giant Posters and digital screens are the perfect platform for sustainable brand building and big brand messages.


Giant Posters

blowUP media are the market leaders of Giant Posters and have delivered huge campaigns for some of the most recognisable and respected brands in the world. At three times the size of a standard large billboard, the Giant Poster is crucial to any brand building campaign.

Digital outdoor advertising

Fast, flexible, contextual – with digital outdoor advertising, relay relevant brand messages to the right place at the right time through the power of full motion. Our digital screens are unmistakable and offer maximum creative freedom.

Digital advertising allows our clients to activate their brand in a way to evoke emotion, using moving images on our state-of-the art high-resolution screens, situated perfectly in busy city centre locations and social hubs.


Roadside banners

Roadside banners and Traffic Towers are purposely located on heavily used main roads and high ways. With unparalleled visibility in these busy environments, our giant OOH media attracts the attention of all vehicular traffic, and offers the best possible campaign opportunities. The sheer size will amplify your campaign to its maximum potential.

blowUP media offers your brand the opportunity to create standout, fame and impact.


Location Finder

Our OOH media locations are situated in the most vibrant and attractive spots across major European cities.
Explore our locations to find the right offering to suit your brand and target group.