blowUP media goes green

Our committment to a more sustainable future

Our Giant Posters and digital screens have significant impact on urban societies and people's lifes. It is therefore a project that the blowUP media Group strongly commit to that we always strive to make both our products and our way of working more sustainable and green.

PVC-free Giant Posters made from recycled materials

Preserving and being mindful are amongst our main goals whilst carrying out sustainability activities. By using resourceful materials, we are already significantly reducing our C02 footprint. ECHO® was our first 100% PVC-free Giant Poster material in the Netherlands and Belgium, made of 70% recycled PET bottles. Our Green Line mesh material in Germany is reducing the C02 footprint of the Giant Poster by 78%.


Air-purifying coating

Improving the air with Giant Posters

Giant Posters with an air-purifying coating can help improve the air quality in large cities. An ultra-thin, transparent layer made of active titanium dioxide gives our medium further unique properties: Through photocatalytic they free our air of pollutants and harmful substances such as nitric oxides and clean themselves – for an even more powerful effect of your campaign!

A Giant Poster with a size of 500m² has the air-purifying effect of 35 large leaf trees.


The Green

Innovation in the blowUP media Group
Our newest digital screen in Belgium is surrounded by a vertical garden. This sustainable eye-catching build attracts everyone’s attention and at the same time offsets carbon dioxide. Our first green DOOH location is another milestone for us and shows how we as the international blowUP media Group are continuously working on green innovations across borders.


Partnering with ecosystem restoration organization Justdiggit

Protecting our climate is one of the most important challenges of our time, which is why we support the ecosystem restoration organization Justdiggit by displaying their campaigns on our digital screens.

Justdiggit’s method is as simple as it is effective: global warming can be improved by re-greening dry land. Justdiggit carries out large-scale renaturation projects in Africa.

Justdiggit’s campaigns are currently live in Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium and the UK. Our largest digital screens in 13 major European cities, with an average enormous reach of 337.2 million contacts per year create maximum awareness for Justdiggit’smessage: It is possible to green the planet again and cool it down.


Upcycling: Production of bags from Giant Posters

Let your Giant Posters become a unique bag collection. Our cooperation partner can offer individual items of recycled Giant Poster materials and a wide range of different bags. The perfect give-away for clients, business partners and employees.