Turning development sites into active urban spaces

Working with blowUP media will generate income to support renovation projects, with advertising on buildings that are shrouded by scaffolding. We can also create long-term revenue opportunities at commercial properties through advertising.


Your added value
Utilise your property as a source of income and earn a “rent”. This allows you to cover running costs or re-finance necessary renovation work.


Our Service
We will set up the advertising system for you free of charge, regularly install and dismantle the Giant Posters and obtain all official permits.


Our Background
blowUP media has been an international expert in premium outdoor advertising for three decades. We implement large-format advertising campaigns on Giant Posters and digital screens for our clients. Well-known brands such as Rolex, Montblanc, Mercedes, Netflix and Zalando trust in our expertise.

blowUP media is a 100% subsidiary of the Ströer Group, a leading provider of out-of-home and online advertising in Europe. Our financially strong background guarantees you secure income as well as reliable and agreed payment.


Which properties are suitable for renting as advertising space?

Properties and construction sites that meet the following criteria are suitable for temporary, large-format advertising:

  • Located in city centres and on busy main streets and shopping streets.
  • Located in certain parts of the city such as shopping, trendy and residential areas or prestigious city districts.
  • Located in commercial properties such as food or event venues or shopping malls.
  • High frequency and high number of visual contacts: the more frequented the location of the property, the more attractive the building is for advertising companies and brands.
  • Optimal visibility for drivers and pedestrians.

How our business model works

Before marketing
Does your property need to be refurbished or renovated? Provide us with your scaffolding as advertising space. Depending on the effort, we can refinance your measures in whole or in part.

During marketing
Together with our long-term partners, we will install a Giant Poster on your scaffolding and market it for you as advertising space. We take over the complete project handling free of charge.

After marketing
After the marketing campaign, we dismantle the Giant Poster and dispose of it.

Our large-format advertising opportunities

Scaffolding advertising
Rent your scaffolding to us as a large-format advertising space and generate attractive additional income every month.

Site fence advertising
A site fence can also be used as an advertising space by converting it into our “Media Wall” with an advertising tarpaulin.

Facade advertising
Do you own a property with a free facade area or with a fire wall? We will design a lucrative advertising space with you.


blowUP media goes green – what we do for the environment

We influence urban society with our Giant Posters and digital screens. Therefore, it is a heartfelt project for us to give something back and to make the living space of the city dwellers greener.

Since 2021 we have been offering our clients several options for sustainably produced Giant Posters. Whether it’s climate-neutral production, giant PVC-free posters made from recycled materials or the air-purifying coating of our advertising space – we ensure that our ecological footprint is continuously improved.


Offer property as advertising space

As the international market leader for large-format outdoor advertising space, we are constantly searching for new properties that are suitable as Giant Poster locations. If you own a building in a busy location that you want to rent out as advertising space, please contact us here! We check the suitability of your property free of charge and without obligation.