Digital Out of Home

Moving images and emotional messages for an
unforgettable brand experience

Up-to-date and dynamic communication has never been as important as it is today. Digital out of home advertising is guaranteed to impress with its ability to create emotional impact and the possibility of fast and targeted control of your content. Our digital screens offer maximum flexibility and freedom in creation and implementation. Adapt your message to a specific period, event or target group.

Our International Digital Out of Home Porfolio includes The Collective® network of Premium Plus screens in the busiest locations of the Netherlands, the largest transparent screen in Western Europe, and the award winning Medienfassade in Hamburg, plus many more.

The Collective® | The Netherlands

With The Collective® blowUP media offers brands a Digital Out of Home network in the largest cities across the Netherlands. Premium Plus screens at landmark locations in Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Utrecht, Eindhoven and Tilburg, create a unique position in the Dutch DOOH landscape.

Frontline | Belgium

Our DOOH network of premium screens are ideally located in the busiest city centers of Antwerp, Brussels Ghent and Knokke, including our first sustainable screen ‘The Green’. Frontline screens are located in prominent places, offering your campaign the opportunity to create a unique and powerful creative, utilising premium digital solutions to reach your target group.


Award winning digital sites |Germany

With the award winning Medienfassade and the stunning and innovative Media Stage located within the most popular entertainment area in Germany, and Kö Vision, our flagship screen in close proximity to the famous Königsalle in Düsseldorf, blowUP media Germany offers a premium and varied selection of high class DOOH locations.

City Centre Screens | UK

State-of-the-art city centre Super Motion screens in Leeds, Cardiff, and Croydon target an urban, retail and nightlife audience, populating the city centre.


3D Content

High-impact entertainment

Create a unique WOW effect! Bring your campaign to life with impressive 3D content.

We create awareness for climate protection

Climate change is one of the most important challenges of our time, which is why we support the climate protection organization Justdiggit pro Bono by broadcasting their campaigns on our digital screens.

In Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium and Great Britain, our largest and most frequented digital screens reach 337.2 million people across 13 major European cities every year. Together we help to spread awareness supporting Justdiggits cause; It is possible to regreen and cool down the planet!