Special Effects

We are experts in delivering special effect outdoor advertising campaigns that passers-by were even more inclined to stop, stare and take in.


Deliver even better quality of contact with a special build OOH campaign

Special Build Giant Posters

In 2019 we really started to expand our special build outdoor advertising. We are able to deliver campaigns that were amplified to make sure passers-by were more inclined to stop and stare.

We already know that our large banner sites outperform other OOH formats with a contact time of 3.6 seconds and an ad recall of 31%. These numbers will be even higher with special effects campaigns.


Clients are able to brainstorm while we put it into practice!

Our special build Giant Poster campaigns give our clients even more creativity when it comes to reaching their target audience. This allows you to brainstorm and come up with ideas and we will then put it in practice.

We have created campaigns using 2D light boxes, tease and reveal campaigns and have even had helicopters flying into scene! We have three dedicated sites available to bring your out of home advertising campaign to life and deliver impact and cut through.