Building wraps

Tailor-made solutions on a grand scale

Are you planning a major construction project, wanting to renovate, repair your facade or restore a listed monument?

With an attractive building wrap, your property can be visually upgraded during construction work and become a real eye-catcher in public spaces. Thanks to decades of experience in large-format outdoor advertising, we are experts in building wraps on a large scale.

True-to-scale replica of facades

Heinrich Heine Gardens, Duesseldorf | Construction of an exclusive residential area | 1,440 m²
With the help of a true-to-scale replica of the main entrance, visitors were able to get an impression of the true ambience as soon as construction began on the new residential area. This helped the developer to sell the high-quality apartements.


Wrapping historical buildings

Old City Hall Leipzig | Building wrapping during renovation work | 500 m²
The old town hall in Leipzig is considered to be one of the most important buildings of the German Renaissance. During the facade renovation, the building was covered with a true-to-scale facade replica in order to keep disturbances in the cityscape as low as possible.


Wrapping of shops or business branches

H&M Flagship Store, Amsterdam | Shop wrapping during renovation work | 500 m²
High Street fashion brand H&M used blowUP media’s expertise to wrap the Amsterdam flagship store. The renovation work was cleverly hidden behind window stickers and a replica of the facade.


Announcement of construction projects

Leicester Square, London | Wrapping the large construction site | 832 m²
The LSQLONDON office building was newly built in London’s famous Leicester Square. With a covering of the site fence and some areas of the large construction site, the new building was launched in an eye-catching style in order to create interest in the project.


Self-promotion for cities and projects

Königsallee, Duesseldorf | Image campaign for the city | 164 m²
Directly on the Kö, the famous shopping boulevard in the heart of Duesseldorf, we put the city’s image campaign in the limelight. An eye-catching campaign for all passers-by, placed in an attractive location for clients.



Full service from a single source

We place the highest demands on quality, service, reliability, security, and cost efficiency.

Owners, real estate and project developers as well as those responsible in local authorities, whose buildings, real estate projects and monuments are treated with the utmost care by us, rely on this.

We offer you extensive expertise in technology, printing, assembly, recycling and approval procedures. With us you receive full service from a single source – from conception to implementation.

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