Roadside Banners

Meet the commuters

Roadside banners and traffic towers are purposely located on main roads and high ways with high traffic figures. With unparalleled visibility in these busy environments, our giant OOH locations attract the attention of all vehicular traffic, and offer the best possible campaign opportunities. The sheer size will amplify your campaign to its maximum potential.

Traffic Towers

Unmissable on Germany’s autobahns

With our MaxiPoster brand, we are the market leader for large-format advertising on German motorways. The attention-grabbing advertising towers, also known as traffic towers, achieve a reach of over 90 million people per month in the target group of working drivers. The impressive advertising tower utilises its maximum reach in an advertising-free environment. With motorway advertising, you can reach a coveted target group of business travellers, entrepreneurs, work and weekend commuters, and also families heading to their holiday destinations.


Meet the commuters

With our sites perfectly situated on the main roads and highways to the inner cities, your campaign will reach an educated and lively audience. On the go in their cars, on their daily commute to work or in the city, this audience are in a kind of in a “flow” – a perfect situation for your advertising messages.