We create an attractive cityscape for urban society

Modern cities in transition

The appearance of our cities is subject to constant change. Large construction sites are constantly appearing in European metropolises, caused by new buildings or the renovation of historic buildings.

However, cities are collective living spaces in which people should feel comfortable. With our high-quality building wraps, structural disruptions in the cityscape are kept as low as possible. Photo-realistic replicas of the facades preserve the attractiveness of the surroundings – ideally, you don’t even notice that something is being built or renovated.
Whether it be large-format advertising on Giant Posters, surrounded by replica facades that are true to the original, or attractive building wraps – we ensure that the cityscape is beautified.


Advertising and monument protection – a business partnership

It is important to remember that the architecture of historical buildings and monuments must be preserved. As a resident of the cities we advertise in, blowUP media prove time and time again how historical monument preservation can be optimally reconciled through advertising. We do this with the benefit of the cities and municipalities in mind, and we ensure the majority of our advertising revenue will go towards the restoration of historic buildings.


More than a beautiful case

Numerous projects such as the wrapping of the Munich Theatine Church show that monument protection and advertising do not have to be mutually exclusive. With our building wraps, we ensure that the cityscape is preserved and beautified. During renovations, we create the original look of monuments with photo-realistic replicas of the facade.

Successful projects

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