CO2-neutral Giant Posters

Since 2021, blowUP media exclusively offers CO2-neutral Giant Posters

By using resource-saving materials such as our Green Line, we are already significantly reducing our CO2 footprint. Savings and avoidance is the goal of our extensive sustainability activities.

We have been offsetting the remaining emissions since 2021 in collaboration with the renowned climate protection agency natureOffice.


Germany Plus Green City

In the climate protection project ” Germany Plus Green City”, which was specially tailored for us, we combine a Gold Standard climate protection certificate with additional support for a local environmental initiative in Germany.

Our highly visible media have a significant impact on urban society and shape the cityscape. As a partner to local authorities, we also want to contribute to environmental protection where we are represented as a company. That is why blowUP media supports “Green City e.V.” in Munich with an additional 5 Euros per ton of CO2.

Certificates and logos for our clients

Proof of CO2 compensation

For each booking, our customers receive a certificate showing the CO2 emissions we have offset during poster production. These CO2 savings can be offset as part of the company’s own sustainability projects.

Integration of a logo is possible

On request, a logo with a customer-specific ID can be printed on our Giant Posters. Please contact us for more information.


Which climate protection projects does blowUP media support?

Our Gold Standard climate protection project: “Burn Stoves” in Kenya

One ton of CO2 is offset at blowUP media through the Gold Standard climate protection project “Burn Stoves” in Kenya. Only projects that verifiably lead to a reduction in greenhouse gases and at the same time have a positive impact on the local environment and the social living conditions of the population are Gold Standard. The Gold Standard was founded by the WWF and is now recognized as one of the most important certification systems for projects that reduce CO2 in the atmosphere.

As part of the climate protection project we support, families in Kenya are equipped with energy-efficient Burn stoves. This saves a large amount of CO2 emissions and reduces the risk of burns, as they are significantly safer than traditional three-foot fire stoves. The stoves are produced locally in Kenya and thus also strengthen the local economy.

We make big cities greener: as a partner of Green City Munich

Whether community gardens, flowering strips for wild bees or environmental education for young and old – the “Green City e.V.” initiative in Munich, supported by blowUP media with an additional 5 Euro per ton of CO2, is involved in a wide range of projects with the aim of making the city greener and more liveable.