Facade advertising makes the house wall a source of income

How you can earn money with your building facade


If you have a property with free facade area, e.g. a large gable or fire wall, for example, we can turn it into a lucrative advertising space for you in the long term. We market them as facade advertising and thus offer you additional earning opportunities over several years.


Giant Posters as a long-term source of income

In the long term, regular income can be achieved with facade surfaces in particular, as these are not temporary construction projects. For example, we have been successfully marketing several house facades as advertising space for Giant Posters in Düsseldorf and Hamburg for over 15 years.


Fire walls as advertising space

Construction sites offer many opportunities to be marketed as advertising space. For example, fire walls can be used temporarily as advertising media for Giant Posters until an old building is torn down or a new one is built.

Digital Screens

Innovation on your building wall

Explore possibilities of both banner and digital screens as installation opportunities for your facade. The installation of a large full motion screen requires stable statics, which is only guaranteed on facades. With a digital screen on your house wall, you can secure long-term additional income.

Digital outdoor advertising in large format is becoming increasingly popular with our advertising clients. With moving images, an emotional advertising effect can be achieved with the target group. Campaign content and motifs can be individually, flexibly and quickly adapted to specific time periods, events and target groups.


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Offer house facade as advertising space

Do you have a house facade that is suitable for the installation of a Giant Poster or digital screen? Then contact us! We check the suitability of your property free of charge and without obligation.