Our inspiration & values

With great passion, high quality standards and incomparable team spirit, we offer companies unique large-format Out of Home platforms in Europe's most exciting metropolises. We combine urban audiences with inspiring brands, creating maximum impact.

Our vision

We aim to inspire urban target groups. We strive to reach them with impactful, impressive and emotional creatives. We want to connect people and brands and revolutionize the outdoor advertising market with passion and entrepreneurship.

Our values

Day after day, our employees bring their unique ideas and talents to their work, making our company and our corporate culture unique. Our shared values ​​motivate us and guide the behavior of our company as well as our relationship with our customers, partners and colleagues. They are the basis for a corporate culture in which “we” are the focus. We build big brands – there is meaning behind blowUP media’s motto beginning with ‘We’.


We impress with premium quality

As a premium full-service provider in the OOH industry,
we follow each of our steps with the highest quality standards.


We are a trustworthy partner

We maintain long-term and trusting relationships with our customers and partners.
We put ourselves in their shoes, listen to them and always go the extra mile for them.


We are creative and innovative with a love of business

With loyalty and passion for our company, we turn our job into a calling every day.
With creative and innovative solutions, we want to help shape and drive the future of the OOH industry.


We rely on growth and knowledge

Dynamic, flexible and efficient – we try new things and recognize trends. We value both individual
commitment and pragmatic thinking in order to achieve ambitious goals and revolutionize the market.


We are a role model

As a responsible member of society, we care about that our precedures always
follow the well-being of our environment and community.