Ever considered using your property to make money?

If you rent your scaffolding temporarily as advertising space, you can cover running costs and increase the profitability of your property. We market your scaffolding to advertising clients and thus secure additional monthly income for you.


How long is the duration of the marketing of the location?
The duration of the marketing depends on the cost of the construction project and the approval situation in the cities. In the case of advertising space on scaffolding, the usual market duration is at least 1 month and can last up to approx. 3 – 6 months. For large construction sites, the scaffolding can also be marketed for up to 1 year or longer. The posting of a single Giant Poster campaign usually takes 1 month.

What service do we offer you?
We take care of the entire project handling free of charge. Since scaffolding advertising is a construction measure, we obtain all the necessary permits from the authorities. We produce a high-quality facade replica of your building, in which the Giant Poster is integrated. In this way we ensure an attractive appearance of the property and create privacy and dust protection for your construction works.

City beautification with realistic facade replicas

In order to make construction sites more attractive and to make the construction work disappear, we optionally embed our Giant Posters in true-to-scale facade replicas. This is how we maintain an appropriate appearance and contribute to the beautification of the cityscape.



How big should the advertising space be?

Our product portfolio is made up of eye-catching Giant Posters that attract a wide attention and are recognizable from afar. This gives brands an unmistakable platform to reach their target groups. In order for our posters to reach its full potential, the advertising space are a minimums 80 m². The bigger the better!

What material are Giant Posters made of?

Giant Posters are made from slightly transparent vinyl mesh (for scaffolding advertising) or from opaque tarpaulin (for construction fences or facades), depending on the location. Both materials meet the highest safety requirements in terms of weather resistance, tear resistance, and fire protection.

We always aim to produce our Giant Poster material in a sustainable way, because our banners are influential on our urban environment. Within the blowUP media Group we offer different ways of sustainable production, e.g. climate-neutral production, PVC-free material or an air-purifying coating, depending on the country.

Site fences and house facades are also suitable as advertising space. Find out more here.