Construction fence advertising for the visual enhancement of your construction site

Construction fences can also be used as advertising space


If you are planning a larger construction project, a site fence is often part of the construction site for safety reasons and as a privacy screen. We can also cover construction fences for advertising purposes and thus generate additional income in the medium to long term.


Upgrade your construction site with our  “Media Wall”. The construction activities disappear behind the site fence, and the lighting also increases the safety of the construction site.


Our Media Walls are very popular with clients because they enable a particularly eye-catching form of advertising. The brands are placed directly at eye level with passers-by and, thanks to the elongated format, accompany the target group on their way along the advertising space.




We can also cover construction containers

Construction activities disappear from the field of view of passers-by and the cityscape is not impaired. For example, the popular Karlsplatz (Stachus) in Munich or on Duesseldorf’s legendary luxury mile Koenigsallee.





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