Bags made from Giant Posters

With the production of unique bags, you can give your Giant Poster a second life. Your high-impact Giant Poster campaign becomes a sustainable giveaway for clients, business partners and employees.

Which type of bags can be made from Giant Posters?

Our different Giant Poster materials can be processed into various bag models. From tablet bags to travel bags, there are almost no limits.

Our sustainable Green Line materials (PVC-free, OCEAN or ECHO®) are also suitable for a wide range of different bag models.


This is how a Giant Poster gets a second life

After disassembly, your Giant Poster is taken to our bag manufacturer. Following the selection of the bag model and your branding, the Giant Poster is sent for further processing. Here it is cleaned, cut and transformed into your unique bag.


Did you know?

Who do I contact if I want to upcycle my Giant Poster into a bag?
This is individual for each country. Contact us via our contact form for more information.

How many bags can be made from a Giant Poster?
Up to several hundred bags can be produced from a 100 m² Giant Poster (depending on the model and size of the bag).

Can I brand my bags with a logo or slogan?
You can specify individual branding for your bags. Decide where you want to place your logo and whether you want to include a cool slogan on your bag.

Are Giant Posters made of Green Line material suitable for bag production?
Yes! The Green Line Giant Posters can easily be made into a wide range of different bags.

Can bags be made from posters that are coated with an air-purifying coating?
That is no problem. Giant Posters with air purifying coating can be processed into bags just like any other Giant Poster.

How long does the production of the unique bag take?
On average, it takes about 4 weeks until you hold your unique Giant Poster bag in your hands.


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