The Pure

Improving the air with Giant Posters

The Pure is a transparent, photocatalytically active protective layer of titanium dioxide, which is applied to our Giant Posters. It gives our medium further unique properties: Giant posters coated with The Pure remove pollutants from our air and clean themselves – for an even more powerful impact of your campaign!

For better air quality in major cities
The Pure coating is effective against VOCs (volatile organic compounds), formaldehyde, benzenes, glycols, viruses, bacteria and many other toxic chemical compounds. And it does this using only the power of light and oxygen.


How does The Pure work?

With the help of the energy of light, the titanium dioxide coating The Pure activates pure oxygen from the ambient air, which decomposes all organic deposits on the coated surface by oxidation (“cold combustion”). The coating is not consumed as it only serves as a catalyst. As soon as light hits the coating, the photocatalysis starts.

The Pure is non-toxic and harmless to people and the environment.

A giant 500 m² poster coated with The Pure has the air-purifying effect of 35 large deciduous trees.