blowUP media Germany launches DOOH screen "Media Stage" in Hamburg

blowUP media Germany launches DOOH screen "Media Stage" with visitBerlin in Hamburg

138 m² digital branding opportunity in one of the liveliest and most exciting locations in Germany – the Hamburg Reeperbahn

4th October 2021

blowUP media is expanding its DOOH portfolio with a new premium digital screen: Media Stage Hamburg. The innovative Media Stage combines a unique lighting concept with the latest technology. The combination of a high-resolution screen, the playable top bar and the atmospheric ambient light ceiling creates a new level of brand experience on Hamburg’s most famous nightlife district. With countless clubs and bars, theaters and live music locations, the Reeperbahn attracts a young scene audience and around 35 million visitors a year.

With this exciting new launch together with launch partner visitBerlin, we are offering a new full-motion platform for even more flexibility and creative space for digital, emotional advertising campaigns from well-known brands in order to connect effectively with their target group.

“The acquisition of new premium DOOH products in the country’s top cities is strategically very important for our organic growth. We are incredibly proud to be able to offer an innovative and creative platform for brands with the launch of the Media Stage, which contributes to the customer journey with attention-grabbing full motion content. The unique lighting concept and the high-quality technology create an unforgettable brand experience with maximum emotional impact, ”says Katrin Robertson, CEO of blowUP media.