blowUP media group supports joint COP26 campaign of Justdiggit

blowUP media group supports joint COP26 campaign of Justdiggit and four other NGO’s across Europe

This is the Decade of Doing: dig in!

4th November 2021

In the light of the COP26 Climate Change Conference in Glasgow (31.10. – 12.11.21), five NGO’s (Justdiggit, Project Drawdown, Send a Cow, Global Assembly, Mums for Lungs and UN Climate Champions) have come together to bring out a positive, hopeful message about our upcoming decade with the help from blowUP media. The UN has recently declared the Decade on Ecosystem Restoration, stating that the next 10 years are crucial in the restoring of our ecosystems and the fight against global warming.

The COP26 might be raising awareness regarding this topic, but these five NGOs feel like it’s time to also showcase solutions and bring hope and inspiration to the general audience. In this joint campaign, they have changed the narrative to the coming ten years being the Decade of Doing, as now is the time to take action and make the difference together.

Since April 2021, Justdiggit‘s campaigns have been broadcasted on the largest and most impactful wide reaching digital screens across Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium and Great Britain. blowUP media’s large-scale digital screens located in 13 major European cities, with a massive combined reach of 337.2 million people annually, create maximum awareness for Justdiggit‘s message: it is possible to re-green and cool down the planet. By supporting this special COP26 campaign, blowUP media shows continuous involvement and how important it is to work together on the most important issue of our time. This is the Decade of Doing: dig in! Watch Justdiggit’s “Dig in” campaign here.

Katrin A. Robertson, CEO of the blowUP media group: “As part of our close partnership with ecosystem restoration organization Justdiggit we are again pleased to support them on such an important event like the COP26! What we especially appreciate Justdiggit for is their hands on-mentality as now the time has really come to get into the doing mode! Protecting our climate is one of the most important challenges of our time. Through the impact of our digital screens across Europe, we create maximum awareness for Justdiggit’s message to take action and act sustainably”.