blowUP media launches in the Netherlands with giant immersive 3D DOOH content experience

blowUP media launches in the Netherlands with giant immersive 3D DOOH content experience

blowUP media Benelux launches a visually stunning 3D experience in the field of immersive content. In the run-up to the renewed shopping area Emmapassage in Tilburg, a unique 3D Digital Out-of-Home (DOOH) feature can be seen on the new 66m2 advertising screen EMMA. A giant 3D shark swims around above the heads of the passers-by and will captivate audiences.

13th July 2021

EMMA is one of the latest digital screens in the recently upgraded city centre of Tilburg and is part of blowUP media’s DOOH network The Collective®. The eye-catching 66m2 LED screen, located in the shopping centre Emmapassage, is wall mounted. Due to its unique build, visitors and residents are treated to a striking visual experience from overhead, exclusive to the Netherlands. This innovative screen ensures long-term engagement and strengthens every DOOH campaign.

Rutger van de Wiel, Creative Director at IDS Animation Studio, has implemented a naked-eye 3D technology to create this mesmerising optical illusion (watch the video). Going forward, blowUP media will continue to work more regularly with immersive, anamorphic and 3D content. The creative hub “blowUP LAB” has the ability to assist and guide clients on how DOOH campaigns can build a brand, receive maximum attention and engage with audiences in a more emotive way.

Katrin A. Robertson, CEO blowUP media Group: “Since expanding our growing DOOH portfolio with premium large-format digital screens we also want to inspire our clients with eye-catching full motion content. We are therefore thrilled to launch a stunning 3D special effect on our new EMMA screen in Tilburg that will definitely impress the audience and create a deeper brand experience. With DOOH networks such as The Collective®️ in the Netherlands or Frontline in Belgium, we offer brands state-of-the-art premium digital exposure, additional to our landmark Giant Poster opportunities.”

Ernst Vos, Chief Commercial Officer blowUP media Group: “With EMMA we are creating innovative opportunities for magical campaigns and engage with our high-quality audiences in new ways. The time has come for smarter and more creative messaging and we look forward to showcase the innovations in Digital Out-of-Home and create ideas for how brands can harness the creative agility and impact of our powerful medium. This fits our The Collective® of Premium Plus screens where we always strive for positive impact on environments and involvement with residents and visitors.”