Green Line OCEAN

Giant Poster made from ocean plastic

Yesterday marine waste, today Giant Posters

Our new Green Line OCEAN is our most sustainable and innovative Giant Poster tarp on the market. It consists of 100 % recycled material, 10 % of which is marine plastic. As part of the SEAQUAL INITIATIVE, plastic waste is collected from the sea and beaches and processed together with PET plastic waste to create the certified SEAQUAL® YARN.


The benefits at a glance:

  • PVC-free
  • 85 % less CO2 emissions
    (vs. 55 % with the standard Green Line)
  • 63 % weight saving
    (vs. 56 % for the Standard Green Line)
  • 100 % made from recycled material SEAQUAL® YARN
    (90 % PET bottles & 10 % marine plastic)


We are a member of the SEAQUAL INITIATIVE

The SEAQUAL INITATIVE is a global community of sustainability initiatives, local fishermen, scientists, authorities, recycling companies, producers and major brands as processors. Together, they are committed to cleaning up the oceans, rivers and coasts. Manufacturers certified by the SEAQUAL INITIATIVE use the collected waste to produce the high-tech thread SEAQUAL® YARN, which is further processed into sustainable products by companies in numerous industries.

Did you know?

At least 55 kg of marine litter is collected and 6,660 PET bottles are recycled for a 500 m² giant poster.

How does the marine waste make it into the giant poster?

  1. Plastic waste from the ocean, rivers and beaches is collected and sorted as part of the SEAQUAL INITIATIVE.
  2. Marine plastic is processed together with PET plastic waste by approved manufacturers to produce the certified SEAQUAL® YARN.
  3. The Giant Poster tarp made from 100 % SEAQUAL® YARN and the production of the giant posters take place in Germany. This ensures short transportation routes and avoids emissions.
  4. Giant Posters made from Green Line OCEAN impress with excellent color display, save resources and actively contribute to cleaning the oceans.

Our Giant Posters are climate neutral

Giant Posters from blowUP media are climate-neutral and support both Gold Standard climate protection projects and local sustainability initiatives in Germany. Find out more about our climate protection projects here.