Miele improves the air on the Kö in Düsseldorf

Miele improves the air on the Kö in Düsseldorf

Giant Posters coated with titanium dioxide remove pollutants from the air and achieve an air-purifying effect of 12 large deciduous trees

14th December 2021

Maximum awareness in an absolute premium location – Miele relies on the unique impact of Giant Posters in the Christmas business. Perfectly placed on the famous Königsallee, the campaigns by Miele and another well-known brand ensure undivided attention –  and better air quality for visitors to Düsseldorf’s top promenade. Because blowUP media Germany’s “The Pure” coating turns the Giant Poster into an air purifier. The transparent layer of active titanium dioxide applied to the campaign breaks down harmful substances such as exhaust nitrogen oxides.

“With our Giant Posters and digital screens, we offer brands a spectacular and unmistakable presence in the absolute premium locations of major European cities. We are very pleased that with Miele and another client, two absolute premium brands are currently relying on sustainable advertising formats. We are seeing more and more brands striving for more sustainability in their own campaigns. By using air-purifying technologies such as “The Pure”, we are taking the next important steps towards sustainability and will continue to drive our activities in the future,” says Katrin Robertson, CEO of the blowUP media group.

“The topic of sustainability and the use of innovative technologies are part of our DNA, so to speak. That is why we are pleased that the Giant Poster pays for both directly at the Kö,” says Martina Swenson, Director Marketing Miele Germany.

Sustainability at blowUP media

blowUP media works continuously to make Giant Posters more and more environmentally friendly. blowUP media Germany’s new Green Line poster materials save around 80 percent of CO2 emissions through weight reduction and the use of recycled material. Since 2021, blowUP media Germany has also exclusively been offering giant CO2-neutral posters. The resulting emissions are offset by the certified climate protection project “Germany Plus Green City”.

About The Pure

Giant Posters with an air-purifying coating can help improve air quality in large cities. blowUP media Germany’s The Pure is an ultra-thin, transparent layer made of active titanium dioxide that uses photocatalytic properties to remove harmful substances such as exhaust nitrogen oxides decomposed. 500 m² of The Pure Giant Poster ​​has the air-purifying effect of 35 large deciduous trees. The Pure coating is effective against VOCs (volatile organic compounds), formaldehyde, benzenes, glycols, viruses, bacteria and many other toxic chemical compounds; only with the power of light and oxygen.

How does The Pure work?

The Pure is a titanium dioxide coating which uses light energy to activate pure oxygen from the ambient air to decompose all organic deposits on the coated surface through oxidation (“cold combustion”). The coating does not wear out because it only serves as a catalyst. As soon as light hits the coating, photocatalysis starts. The Pure is non-toxic and harmless to humans and the environment.