Best Case Media Vendor

Awarded for our Green Media portfolio

Best Case Media Vendor

Awarded for our Green Media portfolio




The challenge: sustainable advertising
Sustainability and responsible action have long been topics in society and politics, and the demands associated with them are increasingly making their way into the media industry. It is important to reduce your CO2 footprint and deliver your advertising in the most energy-efficient and environmentally friendly way possible. Otherwise it can happen that consumers turn away. In this way, the ecological footprint becomes a strategic factor in commercial communication for advertising companies. This is where the term “green media” comes into play: it stands for the efforts of media owners, companies and agencies to further reduce the CO2 emissions caused by their activities and to offset them where the targeted climate neutrality is not yet achievable.


Giant Posters: Premium Green Media for brands
True to our motto “Big Impact – Small Footprint”, we at blowUP media work every day to make our products and processes more environmentally friendly and to set new standards in our industry. From climate-neutral Giant Posters to PVC-free or air-purifying materials to upcycling, vertical gardens or support for climate protection organizations – our claim to always be greener and better is highly justified. That’s why OMG Momentum (Omnicom Media Group’s sustainability unit) chose us as “Best Case Media Vendor” for our Green Media portfolio.

In addition, the World Out of Home Organization (WOO) presented the “Sustainability Award” to blowUP media at its annual conference in Lisbon from June 7th to 9th, 2023. With this award, WOO honours suppliers and out-of-home companies that have developed a business initiative, new product or breakthrough technology that advances the OOH industry in the area of ​​sustainability. The Sustainability Award was given to the blowUP media group for their four Vertical Gardens® in Germany and Belgium, in which Giant Posters or digital screens are embedded. More about the WOO Awards.

Outdoor advertising: low-emission and visible
According to the Mediaplus Green GRP study, outdoor advertising as a “one-to-many” medium, in contrast to other media channels, is comparatively low-emission, since an advertising space in the city is seen by significantly more people than, for example, a print ad or online advertising.

In addition, out-of-home advertising makes sustainable efforts optimally visible – see examples below. Brands can demonstrate environmental awareness on a large scale, especially on Giant Posters. At eye level with the target group, we communicate our green materials and their environmental friendliness with product logos.

GreenUP your campaign
Giant Posters offer brands a green framework and reinforce sustainable brand messages. This guarantees positive associations and maximum brand awareness.


Embedded logos for climate-neutral production and Green Line (PVC-free) in the Giant Poster passe-partout
Example | Munich – Scene Glockenbachviertel

Info banner

Logos and key benefits placed prominently on a 13 m² info banner
Example | Berlin – Vertical Garden “The Green” at Kleistpark