Green campaign highlight:

Generation Forest advertises in blowUP media’s Vertical Garden® in Berlin


The new campaign by the climate protection cooperative The Generation Forest promotes the idea of ​​green impact investing. A highlight of the campaign is the Vertical Garden® from blowUP media in Berlin: The Green is a 140 square meter Vertical Garden® at Kleistpark with an embedded Giant Poster. The 100 square meter Giant Poster is printed on PVC-free Green Line material and is climate neutral. For even more positive influence, The Green is provided with the air-purifying coating “The Pure” as standard: An anti-smog coating on the Giant Poster made of titanium dioxide decomposes as many pollutants as seven trees. The PVC-free Giant Poster made from recycled materials saves 69 percent CO₂ compared to the standard material.



The World Out of Home Organization (WOO) presented the Sustainability Award 2023 to blowUP media for its Vertical Garden® (D)OOH locations at its annual meeting. With the award, the World Out of Home Organization recognizes suppliers or out-of-home companies that have developed a corporate initiative, new product or groundbreaking technology that advances the OOH industry in the area of ​​sustainability.

The evergreen, permanently installed vertical city garden from blowUP media in Berlin consists of 12,000 different plants and offsets around 1,150 kilograms of CO₂ annually. The green facade ensures an improved microclimate, is a habitat for bees and insects and makes Berlin a little greener. Located in the intersection area towards Potsdamer Platz and the Schöneberg motorway junction, around 60,000 people pass through the Vertical Garden® every day.

“We are convinced of our sustainable approach – and so are our members. To ensure that our forests continue to grow, we want to encourage many more people to join in and become part of Generation Forest. With the Vertical Garden® we address our target groups where nature presents itself in an eye-catching way in urban spaces. This makes us stand out from the usual advertising environment,” says Oliver Jacobs, Managing Director of The Generation Forest.

Katrin A. Robertson, CEO of the blowUP media group: “For all of us in the media industry, the topic of sustainability also offers new strategic considerations, not only what should be communicated, but also how and through which communication channels. Why shouldn’t communication meet the same sustainable requirements as the product itself? OOH also has lower CO emissions in relation to the number of advertising contacts achieved than most other forms of advertising, as outdoor advertising is a “one-to-many” medium – one OOH medium reaches many people at once. The resource consumption per advertising contact is therefore low.”

The design of the Vertical Garden® fits perfectly with the Generation Forest product. With expressive motifs – the imagery cites the appearance of the natural rainforest – the campaign appeals to a broad, urban target group who want to actively protect the climate with green impact investing and generate a possible green return for themselves.

In 2021, Generation Forest was among the finalists of the Next Economy Award at the German Sustainability Prize.