Green is our New Normal

blowUP media Germany is switching 100% of products to the sustainable Green Line and is now only producing PVC-free Giant Posters

23rd February 2022

Green Line will be our new standard! Almost a year after the introduction of the Green Line products, we are taking another decisive step in the direction of sustainability: From now on blowUP media Germany will be producing their Giant Posters solely with the PVC-free sustainable material. This reduces emissions per Giant Poster by up to 69%*. Valuable resources are also conserved thanks to weight savings of up to 56% and the use of production waste as recycling material.

As an absolute premium product, we offer our clients Green Line OCEAN, a product that consists of 10% marine plastic and actively contributes to reducing marine waste.

“Fantastic Giant Poster campaigns, produced with the sustainable Green Line material, have proven to offer absolute premium quality. The complete conversion to environmentally friendly materials is therefore a logical consequence and a matter close to our hearts at the same time,” says Katrin Robertson, CEO of the blowUP media group.

Giant Posters from blowUP media are climate-neutral and support both Gold Standard climate protection projects and local sustainability initiatives in Germany. Combined with The Pure air-purifying coating, Giant Posters can help eliminate pollutants and improve air quality in major cities.

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*Compared to the standard material containing PVC